Faster, higher-resolution imaging

You need to solve complex energy exploration and production problems — with high-fidelity imaging, fast results, and the ability to analyze complete models. Most of all, you need to minimize your risk.

Cray can help you reduce your risk and speed up your seismic processing simulations. With Cray's big data analytics solutions for oil and gas industry you’ll see a new level of clarity and gain confidence in the overall quality and accuracy.

Industry leaders use our technology to run their biggest and most complex imaging and simulation workflows. You can too, and we’ll help you every step of the way. Collaborate with our experts to solve your most challenging seismic exploration and processing problems and ease the upgrade from commodity clusters to a fast, reliable, turnkey supercomputing system. You’ll get the benefit of decades of change management experience.

Cray users have achieved amazing results including 5x to 32x speedups in reservoir model simulations, 6x increased subsurface image resolution, and the world’s first trillion-cell reservoir simulation. They’ve seen FFT performance jump by over 40 percent and experienced more than a 6x increase in tomography code throughput. Cray and Altair provide a solution for improving the design of subsea riser systems. We can even help you address security threats to oil & gas industry with our cybersecurity solutions.

With these results, we’re redefining what’s possible in oil and gas analytics. Together we can achieve exascale-class simulation and — for the first time — look toward geo-scale simulation. And it’s smart for your budget because Cray technology is more cost-effective than large commodity clusters.

Clarify your results. Reduce your risk. We’ll help.


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