High Performence Computing

Ultra Computer Services (UCS)


Understanding the need for supercomputer-grade systems in an industry-standard form factor, we developed the Cray® CS™ series of cluster supercomputers. These cluster systems feature the latest in processing, networking and cooling technologies, are highly customizable, and are expressly designed to handle the most demanding range of science, research, simulation, analytics and machine learning uses.

All CS components have been carefully selected for highest performance, optimized and integrated to create a powerful computing environment. Flexible node configurations featuring the latest processor and interconnect technologies mean you can tailor a cluster system to your specific needs — from an all-purpose HPC cluster to an accelerated system optimized to tackle AI training and inference workloads.

Beyond technology, Cray CS cluster users benefit from the depth of our 40+ years of supercomputing experience and the breadth of our partner ecosystem. From design and manufacturing to site engineering, system installation, optimization, ongoing management and support, CS series cluster supercomputers and software solutions are delivered with the same exacting standards and scalability as our legendary XC series supercomputing systems.